Football on the MMA campus dates back to the late 19th century and has seen great success – the Fighting Colonels have graduated a number of All-Americans through the years.

Team first characterizes the Colonels' football focus. MMA's environment of structure, discipline and accountability are reinforced and strengthened through the teamwork, challenge and growth that happens on the team.

One thing that makes football special at MMA is that our players come from all around the world. Many of our international cadets are playing American football for the first time when they join the Fighting Colonels. Each year, we’re excited to introduce new cadets to the sport. 

MMA Football Schedule

Missouri Military Academy Colonels Football Coach

Robert Rosenbaum, Head Football Coach

A former Marine, Rosenbaum has been coaching high school football for more than 15 years and has experience coaching with the Pop Warner football league in Kansas City. He played football at the college and semi-pro level and within the Marine Corps.

Rosenbaum says his football philosophy is simple: team first.

“Team unity is the only way you win. To succeed, everyone must be going in the same direction,” he says. “You build on that core.”

He emphasizes that he expects players to be disciplined, have respect, and maintain a positive attitude.

“As their coach, I’ll be there for the players in return,” he says. “We want to motivate them, provide structure, and teach them the skills and lessons they need to know to be successful — on the field and off.”

MMA Football News Updates

Missouri Military Academy Colonels Football Coach

Missouri Military Academy Colonels Football Team will be under new leadership in fall 2022 — The Academy has selected Robert Rosenbaum to serve as head football coach. A former Marine, Rosenbaum has been coaching high school football for more than 15 years. 

MMA Colonels Athletic Outlook for Fall 2021

At Missouri Military Academy, challenging physical activity and competitive middle school and high school athletics help young men become better versions of themselves. The fall season athletic roster includes football, soccer, JROTC Raiders, swimming and cross country. Learn about what to expect from each team in fall 2021.


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