Athletic News & Events

Missouri Military Academy cadets riding horseback

In May, MMA Equine Coordinator Christy Nowlin recognized cadets for their accomplishments in the equestrian program. A comprehensive horseback riding course, the equestrian program teaches cadets horse management and care; horsemanship techniques such as saddling and mounting; and horseback riding techniques like walking, trotting, cantering and galloping.

Cadet Dempsey Breaks 30-Year-Old Record for Career Tennis Wins

On April 24, 2023, Cadet Nathan Dempsey, a Missouri Military Academy (MMA) high school junior from Colleyville, Texas, recorded his 49th and 50th career wins in competition against Troy Buchanan High School. He earned the wins in dominant fashion, winning his singles match 8-0 and his doubles match 8-0. With those wins, he broke the Academy’s record career wins, previously held by Francisco Arias '92 (48 career wins). 

Cadet-Athletes Honored at 2023 Winter Sports Assembly

The 2023 Missouri Military Academy Winter Sports Assembly was held in Memorial Chapel on 15 MarchCadets were honored for their accomplishments in winter sports — JROTC Raiders, wrestling, and basketball. In addition, cadets were honored for their performance in the AMCSUS 2022 PT and drill team competitions.

Missouri Military Academy high school wrestler

Missouri Military Academy wrestlers travelled to Lafayette High School in Higginsville, Missouri, on Saturday, February 18, 2023, for the Class I District 3 wrestling tournament. The MMA cadets had a good showing at this tough district tournament but fell short of achieving any state qualifiers. 

MMA Rifle Team Competes at 2023 Sectionals Championship in Camp Perry, Ohio

Two Missouri Military Academy rifle teams qualified for competition at the JROTC sectionals championships at Camp Perry, Ohio, February 9-11, 2023. Of all Army Camp Perry sporter teams competing in the 2023 sectionals, the Colonels A team ranked 6th of 20 teams when the competition concluded, and the Colonels B (rookie) team landed 16th overall. Cadet Marco Afane made it to the finals and finished 8th of 104 Army sporter shooters.

Missouri Military Academy Hosts 11-Team Wrestling Tournament

The Missouri Military Academy Colonels wrestling team hosted a home tournament Saturday, Feb. 4.  Eleven teams participated: MMA, Hallsville, Fulton, Rockbridge, Saint Louis University High School, Windsor, Wright City, Parkway North, Lutheran St. Charles, Confluence Prep Academy and John Burroughs of St. Louis. MMA placed fourth, with Fulton as tournament team champion.

MMA Wrestling Completes Season with 17 Record-Breaking Duel Wins

Missouri Military Academy Colonels wrestling finished their regular season with a record-breaking 17 duel wins after a tournament with California and Stover. Last year’s team set the new record at 16, but with wins over both California and Stover, this year’s team was able to top it.