Athletic News & Events

Winter Sports Progress: Fusileers  

The Missouri Military Academy Fusileer Drill Team is a cadet marching unit that performs sequences in armed regulation drill, unarmed regulation drill, armed color guard, unarmed color guard, armed exhibition, and unarmed exhibition. Read about their progress.

Winter Sports Progress: Basketball  

Despite the challenges high school and middle school basketball teams faced, cadets have continuously practiced hard and competed harder, earning them a reputation of worthy competitors. Read about their season progress.

MMA Rifle Team Takes 4th in 2020 JROTC Service Championship

The Missouri Military Academy rifle team took fourth-place team honors at the JROTC Service Championship in Camp Perry, Ohio. The Colonels competed Feb. 14–16 in the sporter class, finishing ahead of 12 Army teams and all 10 of the Air Force teams. With first place finish, Cadet William Baker qualifies for nationals.