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Who We Are

 The Change That Makes the Difference

Missouri Military Academy is a college preparatory boarding school that has readied young men for college and life since 1889. As the only military boarding school in Missouri and one of few in the United States, we provide a unique program that inspires boys to reach their potential. Our all-boy program is designed around the needs of boys during their formative years, tapping into what motivates them - positive reinforcement, structure, consistent physical and mental challenge, loyalty, and a team mentality.
We remove the distractions that slow a student's academic progress and fill that space with our 360˚ Education. Our well-rounded "360" approach molds boys into college-ready young men by focusing on five essential elements: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development and Leadership Training.
 Our mission is to empower young men to unlock their potential through a structured program of academic excellence, character, social development and leadership training. We offer boarding and day programs for boys in grades 7-12, with an additional postgraduate Gap Year program that allows students to earn college credit. 
Why a Military School?
Unlike the stereotypes seen in the movies, military school is not a punishment. That is especially true at MMA, where cadets are constantly reminded that college preparation is the reason they are here. Every Missouri Military Academy student is put on a track that will prepare him for the college that is right for him, and we boast 100% college acceptance every year. The graduating class of 2017 earned $4.6 million in college scholarships. Read about our process and some of the colleges that our graduates have attended on our College Placement page.
The military model provides a platform to teach attention to detail, structure, resilience, and strong values - one that is readily embraced by young men who take pride in their ability to carry on the military traditions that have been part of MMA for over 127 years. The Corps of Cadets lives by an Honor Code: "I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do," which sets the tone for our program and clearly communicates standards and expectations.  
The young men who succeed at MMA will be able to carry the life lessons learned here wherever they go. Self-discipline, self-confidence, a sense of duty, organizational skills, public speaking ability, and the level of bearing and polish that is unique to military-style training. 
If you are looking for a new educational option for your son - one that promises to help him reach his academic potential and develop into a well-rounded, confident young man who stands out from the rest, then contact us today to request an information packet, or visit our Admissions page for more information.  

Program Highlights
Band and Music: Missouri Military Academy has a robust music program for all ages. All middle school cadets learn the violin and the clarinet, and students of all ages can learn to play an instrument. Musicians can perform in the marching band, concert band, and jazz band or if they display vocal talent, in the MMA chorus. 
Faculty: Our faculty are a diverse group, but we can describe them all with the same few words: Educated. Qualified. Caring. Dedicated. While a few have previously served their country, it is not a requirement to teach at MMA. What is required, however, is the level of commitment necessary to work in a boarding school environment. Our faculty are teachers, advisors, and coaches and are fully devoted to your son's success and well-being. Meet the faculty.
Duke of Edinburgh's International Award: Missouri Military Academy is the first educational organization in Missouri to offer the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, the world's leading youth achievement award. Cadets can earn bronze, silver and gold medals for which they achieve levels of recognition from their peers and Missouri leaders. 

Global Focus: We are proud of our international reach, enrolling students from more than a dozen countries. This rich cultural environment provides a global education like none other, with students living and learning next to boys from around the world. Additionally, we encourage young men to see the world via our annual educational tours to places like New Zealand, China, Russia, Peru, and Italy.


Our Location: MMA is located on 288 acres in Mexico, Missouri, a community of approximately 11,000 residents. The Mexico, Missouri community is large enough to support necessities such as healthcare and retail shopping yet small enough to offer a safe environment for young people. Mexico is approximately 2 hours from the city of St. Louis, MO; 2.5 hours from Kansas City, MO; and 45 minutes from Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri. All three of these communities offer airports for easy access to the Missouri Military Academy campus.
The Missouri Military Academy campus offers four residence halls, an academic complex, a gymnasium, natatorium, field house with indoor track, marksmanship range and indoor tennis, four athletic fields, stables, chapel and 100+ acres of outdoor areas that are perfect for boys and young men to exercise and have fun. Our outdoor areas include a rappelling tower, rock climbing wall, obstacle course, paintball field with obstacles, mountain bike trails, and camping areas.

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MMA is a proud member of the International Boys School Coalition, a not for profit organization dedicated to enhancing the education, well-being and development of boys worldwide.