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Financial Aid

Missouri Military Academy is committed to attracting a socio-economically diverse student population that reflects the values and traditions of MMA. In support of this, need-based tuition assistance could be available to provide support to those families whose financial resources cannot cover the cost of the school. Tuition assistance does not need to be repaid and tuition is reduced by the amount of aid awarded.
Financial aid is available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. To be eligible for financial aid, both parents are expected to be employed, if home and health situations permit. When parents are separated, divorced, or never married, both natural parents must complete the financial aid application.

How to Apply for Financial Aid (For New Families)

To begin your financial aid application for the 2018-19 academic year, please follow the steps below. We strongly encourage new applicants and their families to complete the financial aid application process simultaneously with the admission application.

Step 1. Submit your MMA application
Before an award can be considered, your son must be accepted into the MMA program. It is possible to submit the financial aid application at the same time that you apply, but award decisions will not be made until your son is accepted.
Step 2. Submit the following documents and forms directly to Missouri Military Academy.

All applicants for financial aid are required to submit the following supplemental documents. Some of these forms are available by clicking the links provided in the numbered checklist below.

1. 2017 1040 Schedules and Forms

2. 2017 W-2 and/or 1099 statement(s)

3. Form 4506T: Download the 4506t.pdf here.

*Complete lines 1 – 4 as they appear on your tax return and then sign the bottom but do not date the document.

Please send all supplemental documents and forms to the following address:

Missouri Military Academy
Office of Admissions
204 N. Grand Street
Mexico, MO 65265

You may also fax your completed forms to us at 573-581-0081; Forms may also be scanned and emailed to admissions@missourimilitaryacademy.org

Additional Financial Assistance Options:
529 Plans
Due to legal changes that went into effect in 2017, individuals can now use 529 savings plans for secondary education expenses. These plans can offer federal tax advantages along with additional income tax benefits in participating states. Talk to your financial advisor to tax professional about how this program might benefit you.