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Parent Testimonials

confidenceParent Testimonials

"Superb - everyone was perfect. I have told every parent I know about the fantastic experience we had."

"Thank yourappell for the push that my son needed.  To believe in himself and try new challenges.  The encouraging staff and leadership at camp had a dramatic change in my timid son. If we can afford it next year he and my younger son will both be there. He loved it too he still tell stories,  and looks at the pictures on Facebook regularly.  The comforting text pictures that were sent to me eased the pain of a Mom missing her son. Very sweet of you."


"He had a wonderful time and we will see you next year for the Leadership camp. Thank you." 

"My very intellectual son has gotten up and done PT every morning since camp. He has asked and we have gone camping 3 times."



"Yes, I sent him there to grow up a little and he grew up a lot! He was pushed really hard but liked it and made friends with a new group of people."

"Both my boys returned from camp with confidence, and enjoyed the friendships and skills acquired, and desired to return."