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Structured Environment

At Missouri Military Academy it begins with structure. The end result is success.

One of the phrases you'll see around the Missouri Military Academy campus is "Structure. Scholarship. Success." In many ways, these three words sum up exactly what we do here at Missouri Military Academy - we use structure to help students fulfill their academic potential, which in turn leads the way to current and future success. As a school with a history steeped in military tradition, structure is the foundation upon which our program is built.

Why is structure at Missouri Military Academy so important?

A structured environment promotes focus. It creates a balanced schedule that incorporates time for learning, physical exercise, extra-curricular activity, and hanging out with friends. It also teaches good habits, time management skills and the ability to follow an organized daily routine.

For young people, structure provides stability. It gives our cadets a sense of security. It helps them tune out the outside noise they are bombarded with on a daily basis, allowing them to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Explore our website further and you will discover the other elements that complement our structure to create a well-rounded program that helps boys tap into their potential - and discover their own path to success.