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Parents' View

Below, read from parents about what the MMA experience has been like for their sons.

"I can’t thank everyone enough who works at MMA to help groom our boys into the men they are destined to become.  Between the teachers, RFOs, administration, the kitchen staff, the nurses, the coaches, the barber, and all of the support staff, ALL have ONE goal in mind – to provide a safe, structured, learning environment for our children.” – Michelle Kiefer, MMA mom. Read her letter.

 "Why is my son Will completing high school at a military academy? Last year at this time our family toured Missouri Military Academy at Will's request. He realized that although he tests high on standardized tests, his grades didn't reflect his potential. Will accepted the fact that he doesn't have the self discipline to do the work. He realized the external motivation of a structured environment at Missouri Military Academy would be a good place for him. His only regret – he didn't enroll sooner." – Janell Lockwood, MMA mom


“When I visited [MMA], everybody was wearing a tie and white shirts and nice slacks, and I thought, ‘You know what? This is officer material.’... The whole attitude of the school was more about academics and a scholar more than it was being a tough guy.” –David Thibodeaux, MMA dad. Read his view.

“This school has changed my son’s life and the trajectory of his future! It has been the best thing I have done for him.” — Donita Short

“I would recommend MMA to anyone that wants to provide their son with an opportunity to build the confidence they need to become a strong and powerful man in this world.” 

“It’s wonderful to see how the boys care and look out for each other." — Cheryl Castle. Read her view of how MMA has impacted her son's self-esteem.

“[With] the brotherhood up there and the way they all take care of each other, he has a home [at MMA],” Thomas Naughton says.  Read his view of how MMA has brought his son Michael out of his shell.

"It's been an absolute blessing to have the military structure ... MMA has provided a wonderful opportunity for our son, and the military structure is definitely an opportunity. It has been wonderful in providing clear black and white language and structure that boys can count on for their day. It's been a wonderful motivator, and I love that they start their day with physical training. Especially for boys today, it’s so important to get that energy out before they have to sit still and concentrate on academics for the day." — Erin Schreyer, mother of an MMA cadet

“My son is a first-year 7th grader, and I have seen huge improvements. I truly didn't I think I would make it the first few weeks. He cried a lot, and so did I. I thought when he complained to me at night he just wanted to come home, but I soon realized more often than not he'd rather be there than here. He told me last weekend, ‘My favorite things are we're never bored and the school builds brothers, not just students — but also the paintball.’ I love him so much! MMA is definitely building him into the man I want him to be.” — Desserria Dixon, Kansas City, Missouri

"Choosing MMA's summer camp has been the best decision we have ever made for our son. Last summer, we wanted Michael to gain some life skills through a camp away from home. Before MMA, he didn't push himself and did well enough in public school to satisfy us, but he was in the 80 percent of kids that get pushed through but are not challenged .... Michael needed to be challenged physically and academically, and MMA has done that." Read full story and watch video.

Bob and Jennifer Wever, Lake St. Louis, MO 

"It was November of my son's sophomore year in high school, and I was experiencing another round of frustration as he wasn't reaching his potential. Because Ben is bright and curious, it was painful to see him not fighting for his future and dreams ... I had fleetingly considered boarding schools ... but I couldn't bear the thought of not having him live at home. I also wondered if it made me a bad parent to send him away to school.

But I also felt an urgency not to lose time. I felt I should trust my instincts to do what might be needed to help him mature into the man I knew Ben could and wanted to be ...

MMA has given him the ability to think about his choices and to take responsibility for them. He has learned that he is in charge of his freedom, privileges, and future. Last night on the phone he said, 'I know I don't tell you enough, but I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me to be able to go to MMA.'" Click here to read more from this mom's letter. — V.S.T.

“[MMA] gives kids who might not necessarily win the popularity contest for leadership positions in a public or private school a real opportunity because the teachers and the leaders there at the school recognize the potential that is in each of these young men and then puts it to the test and says, ‘Here, you’re going to hone those skills.’”


– Nicole Hughes, MMA mom. Read her full story.