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JROTC Raiders Team

2018-19 Raiders Team at the Des Moines JROTC Meet


Raider Team

Raiders is a military style competition conducted with an 8-man team. Training for the competition is both physically and mentally challenging. The events include, at a minimum, the Army Physical Fitness Test, a 10K weighted road march, one-rope bridge, and a Raider Challenge Course or equitable obstacle course. The events culminate over a one-day, 7 event competition.

Participation in the Raider team leads to building teamwork, comradery, and the pursuit of a never quit, never fail, always win mentality. The Raider competition is a nationally JROTC sanctioned event and is a precursor to the ROTC collegiate level Ranger Competition.

2018-19 Schedule

Opponent Home/Away
Clinton JROTC Away 9/8 TBA
Ozark JROTC Away 9/15 TBA
Des Moines JROTC Away 9/22 TBA
Smith-Cotton JROTC Away 9/29 9 a.m.
Leavenworth Away 10/13 9 a.m.
Waynesville Away 10/20  TBA
MMA Invitational Home 4/27 9 a.m.


Meet the Coach

SFC John Biddle, Head Coach

SFC Biddle had coached the raider challenge team at Clinton High School from 2013 until 2014, and at MMA from 2014 until present. SFC Biddle is uniquely qualified as the coach; as a former qualified infantry Ranger himself, SFC Biddle comes prepared to lead the team towards dominating our fellow regional level competition and perhaps representing our campus at the national stage in the years to come.

He takes pride in providing team building mentorship and practices, which increase physical and mental toughness. These skills will be invaluable in all competitors future endeavors, regardless of the career paths they choose. “Raiders never quit”, “Rangers Lead the Way!”