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Educating Boys and Young Men Since 1889

Missouri Military Academy serves young men who have a desire to maximize their potential whether in academics, athletics or leadership. Missouri Military Academy provides a challenging, engaging academic environment that can take a student to a new level of achievement and prepare him for college acceptance and graduation. 

Some young men come to Missouri Military Academy thinking they are less than capable of learning. Their self esteem and enthusiasm may be reduced after years of struggling through homework, vying for a teacher's attention or not learning how to study effectively. Others come to MMA because they want more academic opportunity and challenge in and out of the classroom. 

Missouri Military Academy is prepared to help all of these young men achieve their potential. We are firm believers that learning happens in and out of the classroom, so we offer unique and useful learning opportunities to include extracurricular programs, student internships, and co-curricular activities. 

What differentiates Missouri Military Academy's academic program from other schools? 

  • First, we offer small classes so every student has the attention of experienced, caring faculty members who are passionate about the subjects they teach. Most of our teaching faculty have advanced degrees in education or their subject matter.
  • Second, our structured schedule makes academics a priority, with daily time for studying, extra help and academic advising.
  • Last, but not least, we give every student the gift of higher expectation. From the first day, we tell them they can learn more, do better than they expect, and become true scholars and leaders.

Meet the
Chief Academic Officer
BG (Ret.) Richard V. Geraci

"My son needed discipline and guidance and teachers who cared what happens.  He needed to be pushed to be better...  - MMA parent

Founded in 1928, Delta Phi is MMA's academic honor society. Membership is given to cadets who show consistent academic success based on preset criteria.
MMA also sponsors chapters of the National Honor Society and the Jr. National Honor Society.