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Leadership Opportunities

In life, there are leaders and followers. We teach young men how to be both.

Leadership is among the core skills and values taught at Missouri Military Academy. But teaching leadership begins by helping young men learn to follow - a skill that is not just about abiding by rules. It's also about observing other leaders in action, developing an understanding of what it takes to motivate others and making decisions honorably and responsibly.

At Missouri Military Academy, young men learn to exercise self-discipline, respect and good judgement.

We cadets them into leadership roles by giving them responsibility, building their confidence and instilling the value of a good work ethic. In addition to leadership opportunities within our barracks, our JROTC program imparts time-honored leadership skills to high school cadets.

This is where born leaders have the chance to hone their skills and where boys who never thought of themselves as leaders gain a new perspective about who they can be.

Missouri Military Academy offers a rewarding experience.

The ribbons, patches and medals on our cadets' uniforms represent good conduct, outstanding academic performance, extracurricular activity and leadership. These honors foster self-pride and motivate cadets to continue to achieve.