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Your Son's Safety

The MMA promise to make a difference in the lives of its cadets begins with a foundation of safety and attentiveness. With more than 100 faculty and staff members on campus, which makes for a 1:2 ratio of adults to cadets, we stay closely engaged with them throughout and beyond the school day. We see who cadets are both in and away from the classroom and how they spend their time, and we are able to support, motivate and be mindful of their success and struggles.


MMA has a highly intentional environment, and we provide structure and guidance for your cadet that includes education on personal safety and the safety of others. Regular instruction on bullying and safety drills create a proactive, safe and secure environment for everyone at MMA.


A tenet of our safety instruction includes teaching cadets to say something if they see something that could pose a safety threat, emphasizing responsibility through engaging in dialogue with superiors about issues that concern them.


Additionally, we empower older cadets to lead and mentor young cadets, leading by first learning to follow and developing increased responsibility. Every high school cadet is required to complete the JROTC Leadership Education Training class taught by instructors with Army leadership training and experience, which provides the opportunity for cadets to rise in the ranks and become leaders who are proud of their school. Through encouraging leadership among cadets, MMA fosters an environment conducive to teamwork and care.


Our staff members recognize and appreciate the trust placed in them by guardians who choose MMA for their cadets. Through our attentiveness and concern, MMA strives to provide a secure environment in which its pupils can succeed and surpass obstacles.