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Cadet Leadership Program


Missouri Military Academy offers something above and beyond the typical school - leadership opportunity. Our cadets learn to lead first by learning to follow, and then they develop increased responsibility with time and accomplishment. This all culminates to leadership positions during a cadet's junior and senior years, when they begin the designation process and attend our annual fall cadet leader training. 
A high school cadet's academic schedule includes a JROTC Leadership Education Training (LET) class taught by JROTC instructors with Army leadership training and experience. The day to day experiences in the residence halls lend themselves to an environment that promotes teamwork and opportunities to mentor younger cadets. The expectation on our cadets is to be a positive example to their younger peers and to live the MMA core values in all aspects of life.
Leaders are chosen through the MMA promotion system, which considers self-discipline, academic performance, and overall contribution to the Corps of Cadets to promote cadets through the rank system and to award leadership positions. Each spring, a designation board made up of MMA faculty members appoints the leadership for the following year. Cadet leader hopefuls must go through a process of resume preparation and interviews with the designation board. 
These experiences prepare cadets for a future of leadership, giving them the skills that can be applied to any career path.




2017-2018 Cadet Leadership Team


Battalion Commander
Victor Arturo Leon
Battalion Executive Officer
Jiaxuan Zhou
Battalion Sergeant Major
Carlos Liriano
Battalion Adjutant
Edward Cha
Security and Intelligence Officer
Tamir Nyamdavaa
Training and Operations Officer
Gabriel Perez
Supply and Logistics Officer
Joseph Mulvey
Public Affairs
Francisco Fletes


 Company Commander
Juan Pablo Cepeda
First Sergeant
Nyamkhu Chinguun
Company Commander
Victor Armando Leon
First Sergeant
Eryao Zhang
Company Commander
Yinzhou Wang
First Sergeant 
Donald Williams
Company Commander
Mitchell Duing
First Sergeant
Paul Murphy