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Duke of York's Exchange Program

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Duke of York Fellowship

Each year, up to three Missouri Military Academy cadets may be chosen for a prestigious semester abroad exchange program with the Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover, England.

Through our exchange program, Missouri Military Academy and Duke of York's Military School students reside at the sister school as a student-in-residence for a period ranging from a week to a full semester. Up to three students may be chosen for the exchange.

The two schools also share ideas about school leadership and teaching by exchanging faculty and staff in various capacities.

Open to qualified rising juniors and seniors, the Duke of York Fellowship enhances MMA cadets' high school education and differentiates them from other students in the college application process.

A unique and iconic school, established in 1801, the Duke of York's Royal Military School was originally opened for the purpose of educating pupils whose parents served in any branch of the UK armed forces but opened its doors to the general public in 2010. The Duke of York's Royal Military School offers exchange programs with several other international schools, including with the Lycee Militaire in Provence, France.

Requirements to participate as a Duke of York's Military School Fellow are as follows:

The Cadet must be:

  • Be highly motivated to attend for five months and for the correct reasons.
  • Be able to attend the first semester in the United Kingdom with full support of parents or guardian.
  • Be in good standing in the Corps of Cadets and Barnard Hall (Academics).
  • Possess a minimum 3.25 GPA and strength of overall academic record.
  • Demonstrate good military bearing.
  • Have strong social skills and etiquette.
  • Participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award program at MMA.
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Be an outstanding representative of MMA to the DoYRMS.
  • Be able to pay their own travel and expense cost.
  • Possess an active passport, all documents current and in order.
  • Have transportable insurance.
The Fellow will be bound to abide by all rules, regulations and policies of the DoYRMS
The Application and Selection Process:

1. Prepare a written application, due in early April each year.
2. Obtain two written recommendations from faculty and or staff.
3. Be interviewed by a panel of selected faculty and staff. The selection of the Fellows will be by a simple majority vote. Applicants will be evaluated on a five-point scale with five being the highest. The committee will be chaired by the President of MMA.
4. Notification of fellowship award will be in writing from the MMA President.
5. Selected fellow must reenroll and deposit at MMA by 1 May of the academic year prior to the fellowship.
6. There will be no direct charge to the DoYRMS Fellow by the Duke of York. All school fees (Room, board, tuition) will be paid directly to MMA.
7. All travel and expenses for the Fellowship will be the responsibility of the family.
8. The Fellow’s family will make all travel arrangements.
9. Should a Duke of York Fellow exit the program prior to its conclusion for any reason they will assume the responsibility of any and all associated cost.
Click the link below to download the application form.