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Summer Academy


Summer Academy

June 23 to July 19, 2019 

Residential experience for boys; day camp available for girls.

MMA offers structured, success-oriented academic programs during the summer to enrich, educate and inspire young people and improve their confidence in and out of the classroom.

Camps take place on the campus of Missouri Military Academy, an all-boys boarding school in central Missouri, in the heart of the Midwest.

MMA's campus has a new state of the art academic building, air-conditioned dorms, full gym, two weight rooms, fieldhouse with indoor track, indoor swimming pool, stables, paintball course and an outdoor challenge obstacle course with both rappelling and rock climbing walls.

High School Program (grades 9-12)

The for-credit academic camp allows students to earn credit while simultaneously honing their subject knowledge and study skills. Courses are small which enables teachers to work closely with each student, maximizing their educational experience.

Summer Academy is designed especially for high school students wishing to take a makeup or enrichment course in a certain subject. The afternoons and weekends offer opportunities for students to relax and to participate in activities that reinforce their confidence and academic focus.  Students build academic skills as well as friendships and self-confidence.

A guided study hall takes place nearly every evening with camp faculty present to assist with study time and homework.

Available courses - subject to change:

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Biology I
  • Chemistry
  • English I
  • English II
  • Geometry
  • Spanish

Please note that available courses are subject to change.

Middle School Program (grades 7-8)

This integrated approach to education covers key academic skills and knowledge in math, science, and reading. Students are taught using the best methods for middle school-aged students, engaging them in hands-on, interactive projects throughout the day. After class and on weekends students are involved in fun activities that challenge their abilities. An evening guided study hall is conducted under the supervision of a teacher who can also assist students with their work.

Girls may attend Summer Academy as day student participants.

Fun Activities are included during the MMA Summer Academy

Participants in both of our Summer Academy programs enjoy an afternoon activity every day after school that includes:

  • Soccer
  • Horseback Riding
  • Swimming
  • Field Trips
  • Paintball
  • Basketball
  • Physical Fitness
  • Weight Training
  • Flag Football
  • Tennis

Activities are subject to change.

Academic Camp Tuition and Fees (Subject to change)

Application Fee: The non-refundable application fee for all applicants is $100.00, international students will incur additional fees (see below). The fee is applied to the total tuition amount.


Boarding Student: $3,850.00  This amount covers the cost of tuition, room and board, daily uniforms, instruction in academic subjects, computer usage fee, supervision, textbook rentals, laundry, academic fees, lab fees, routine medical attention, and accident insurance.

Day Student: $2,600.00  This amount covers the cost of tuition, lunch meal, initial uniform issue, instruction in academic subjects, computer usage fee, supervision, textbook rentals, academic fees, lab fees, routine medical attention, and accident insurance.

International/Non-U.S. Citizen Fee: All applicants who are not citizens of the United States will incur an additional fee of $400. This administrative fee includes the $200 SEVIS I-901 fee.

International/U.S. Citizen Fee: All United States citizens who reside outside the continental United States will incur an additional administrative fee of $200.