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Peggy Reynard Receives 2018 Abbott-Albright Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Congratulations to Major (MMA) Reynard! Read on to learn more about her and academics at MMA ...
How long have you taught at MMA?
I have taught at MMA for 21 years. I have been associated with MMA for a total of 28 years -- as the wife of the bandmaster, the mother of a cadet, and as a teacher. I worked as a public school teacher for 8 years before I started teaching at MMA. 
I teach international business and accounting in the Business Department and geometry and algebra in the Math Department. I also play the piano for the choir and at Vespers each Sunday evening as well as play the piano at all events as needed at MMA.
How is MMA different from other educational environments, in your opinion?
MMA offers a structured, disciplined environment for students to work and learn as opposed to a more chaotic environment of the public schools. Students learn to work independently and with individual responsibility, enabling them to improve their skills in all areas. The leadership roles expected from the individual cadets teaches them to use their innate abilities in ways not addressed in the public school environment. As the cadet adheres to the school motto (Diligo, Veneratio, Veratio/Love, Honor, Truth), a lifestyle of integrity is developed within individual students.

What is one defining moment that sticks out in your mind as to why you teach at MMA?
Defining moments for me are when a cadet comes to our school with weak academic skills and organizational skills and watching that cadet improve and change his attitude about working to improve those skills. Seeing a cadet come to our school as a freshman or sophomore and then graduate as a successful cadet leader is very rewarding.

For new students, what advice do you have for them about academics at MMA?
Come to MMA prepared to work to be successful. As you work, you will recognize many rewards and grow in confidence in your abilities in academics.