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Meet the 2018-19 Cadet Battalion Commander

Enkhbayar will assume leadership of MMA’s 130th Corps of Cadets, upholding a long legacy of academic excellence, self-discipline and high standards of character. Responsible for all battalion activities, the cadet battalion commander supervises and provides guidance and direction for the cadet battalion staff officers, company commanders, and battalion command sergeant major, while insuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated, and executed efficiently. Through his example, he sets the standard for the Corps. He serves as a link between the Corps of Cadet and the commandant’s staff and serves as an advisor to the commandant of cadets regardingcadet matters.    


“I cried and kept thinking, ‘I’m the first Mongolian commander,’” Enkhbayar says about learning the news he had earned the rank of BC. “I kept thinking, ‘You are carrying your country’s and family’s name on with honor and distinction.’”


Holding the position of BC, according to Enkhbayar, means serving as a role model for other cadets and, with the rest of his battalion staff, taking care of the corps.


“We work together as a team,” he says. “The school teaches us that – everyone achieves more together.”


Enkhbayar joined MMA during second semester of his freshman year, after attending an international school in Germany. When the culture of the German school wasn’t a good fit for Enkyhbayar, he started looking at MMA, following the recommendation that he had received from MMA alumni from Mongolia. Before he arrived in Missouri, he said he was a little apprehensive about what to expect from his new school, but heexpected to receive an education that prepared him academically and as a disciplined, respectful young gentleman.


MMA has changed him more than he anticipated, however.


“Before I came here, I didn’t study that much,” Enkhbayar says. “Now, I’m a member of Delta Phi (academic honor society), and that means a lot to me.”


He says he remembers watching cadets going to guided study hall during his first days at MMA, his first glimpse at MMA’s focus on academics.


“MMA has provided me with a lot of academic help,” says Enkhbayar, commenting on the tutoring and support he has received from MMA faculty and mentors.


In addition to the academic focus, Enkhbayar has been active in MMA athletics, participating in soccer and basketball.


His favorite MMA experience so far, however, is tied to leadership – his role as platoon sergeant during the 2017-18 academic year.


“Taking responsibility for other cadets means a lot. We mutually support each other,” Enkhbayar says. “What MMA has taught us is that we are always a family, always a brotherhood. We will always remember and protect each other.”


The influence of other cadets – the MMA family – has been instrumental for Enkhbayar.


“I’ve wanted to be BC since sophomore year,” he says. “When you receive awards at MMA and get promoted, you have honor and motivation. The promotion shows how hard you have been working.”


“When I looked at the all the BCs who served before, I found inspiration through what they do,” he adds. “I knew I wanted to be a role model for other cadets coming to MMA.”


In the future, Enkhbayar hopes to become a diplomat, utilizing the leadership lessons he has learned at MMA to help others learn how to work together.


“If there is a challenge, I have to face it and try to solve it,” he says about serving as BC. “We have to come up with ways to solve things.”


This summer, Enkhbayar will return home to Mongolia to study for the TOEFL test and prepare for his college applications and senior year.  He will spend time with his parents (his dad is the CEO of World Organic Foods LLC) and his 4-year-old sister. His older brother is currently studying at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA).


“My mom says MMA has changed me a lot – in a good way,” Enkhbayar says. “MMA has helped me.”