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Student Achievement Recognized at 2018 Final Awards Assembly

Awards and their recipients who were honored at the 2018 Final Awards Assembly are as follows:

The David Whitney, 1954, Conservation Plaque – Joseph Guth

The Major William Bryan Essay Medal – Liam Holland

The Senator John C. Danforth Plaque – Gabriel Vallejo

The William F. Enright, Jr., 1937, Memorial Award – Francisco Fletes Dorantes

The Senator Thomas F. Eagleton Plaque for Excellence in Senior English – Gabriel Perez

The Senator Thomas F. Eagleton Plaque for Excellence in Junior English – Sean Huges

The Eugene Lamm Memorial Award – Bruno Pozzani

The Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell Community Service Award – Taorui Zhuang

The Sylvia Mansfield Memorial Award and accompanying stipend (two high school ESL cadets who have demonstrated great improvement in English) – Buquing Ma, Eduardo Arias

The Sylvia Mansfield Memorial Award and accompanying stipend (cadet who shows the most improvement in English as a second language – Iao Pang Yan

The Otto Ferguson Aviation Award – Garrett Stafford

The Hal Heyman Memorial Award – Jacob Giles

The Derrill S. Kuhlman Award – Fausto Salazar

The Paul Petit Award for International Relations – Fausto Salazar, Victor Vielledent

The Richard White Improvement Plaque – Michael Wever

The Petit Fellowship Cup – Felix Tonella

The Faculty Plaque – Tianjuan Ma

The Rotary “Leaders of Tomorrow” award – Felix Tonella, Victor Vielledent

Highest Middle School Scholarship Awards – Fausto Salazar (seventh grade), Michael Wever (eighth grade)

The LTC E.R. Jackson Music Award – Rongyang Yi

The Streep Brothers Band Awards – William English (sophomore), Sky Spotted Eagle Thunderchild (junior), Akele Carpentier (senior)

The Col. Paul F. Cherches Memorial Award for the Most Valuable Band Member – Paul Murphy

MP of the Year – Mauricio Guraieb Chazaro

The Daedalian JROTC Medal – Edward Cha

The Veterans of Foreign Wars JROTC Award for Excellence – Thiquan Hindawi

The DAR History Medal – Ming Han Richard Choy

The American Revolution Award – Gabriel Vallejo

The National Sojourners Award – Michael Naughton

The Scottish Rite Free Mason Leadership Award – Malachi Grice

The ROTC Distinguished Service Award – Victor Auturo Leon

The Military Order of the World Wars Award – Fabian Campos MacGregor

The Military Officers Association of America Medal – Rhys Bullington

The Noncommissioned Officers Association Award for JROTC – Carlos Liriano

The Association of United States Army Award – Yinzou Wang

The Raider of the Year award – Nolan Kilpatrick

The Special Forces Association Medal – Juan Pablo Cepeda

Sons of the American Revolution Medal – Erick Puente

The Babe Ruth Sportsmanship/MSHSAA Award: Fausto Salazar (middle school), Bruno Pozzani (high school)

The Joe D. Bailey Award for Most Dedicated Varsity Athlete – WrayVauze Givens

Outstanding MMA Athlete – Donald Williams

The McDonough Trophy – Robert Downing Abbott

The Bohm Plaque – Yinzhou Wang

The Class of 1968 Freshman Leadership Award – William Dunn

The Richard Hall Memorial Award – Thomas Huckins

The Piper Barracks Award – Weiming Zhu

The G. Bailey Discipline Trophy – Iao Pang Yan

The Best Squad Leader Award – Jacob Giles

The Col. Jerome G. Harris Plaque – Yu Jen Tong

The Major George T. Piper Award for Outstanding Middle School Athlete – Felix Tonella

The Military Order of the Purple Heart – Victor Armando Leon Aguilar

Meritas Plaque for Excellence in Discipline – Nathaniel Balvanz, Ryan Pfannkuch, Rhys Bullington, Ming Han Richard Choy, Bruno Pozzani, Garry Zachary Siccardi, Edward Cha, Matthew Seibert, Alexander Seibert, Thuqan Hindawi

Sons of the American Revolution Outstanding LET III Cadet – Erick Puente

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command Award for JROTC – Fabian Campos Mac Gregor

The U.S. Daughters of 1812 Award – Chia-Wei Hsu

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command Award for JROTC – Donald Williams

The Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War – Paul Murphy

The Reserve Officers Association Medal – Fabian Campos Mac Gregor

Residential Faculty of the Year award – Maj. Thomas Roberts

The Steve Walker Memorial Award for the Outstanding First-Year Cadet – Colton Lucas

The Jack Meyers, Class of 1939, Memorial Cup for Most Creative Cadet – Garrison Yeary

Duke of York Fellowship Recipients – Colton Lucas and Chia-Wei Hsu

In addition, the following students were promoted from eighth grade to ninth:

Emiliano Chaidez Alvarado, Derek Michael Drenberg, Gavin Alexander Hooper, Tianjun Ma, Michael Prosper Machary-Pagan, Tristen Hull Mason, Alejandro Mercado Martinez, David Alexander Pirozhnik, Alejandro Rodriguez Morcos, Fausto, Salazar Rubio, Kevith Ryan Sangster, Evan Joseph Schreyer, Felix Tonella Diaz de Sandi, Yu-Jen Tong, Victor Manuel Vielledent, Weiming Zhu