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Finding the Right School for Your Son

Perhaps you're just beginning your boarding school search, or you've been considering this change for a long time. You know that you're looking for a program that will challenge him, will start him on the path of success, but on the other hand does not overwhelm or discourage him.  

 What does he need?

 One of the first questions to ask yourself is – what are your son’s unique needs?  Are low grades a factor? Does your son lack confidence to push himself farther than he thinks he can?  Is responsible behavior or good choices and challenge for your son?  Does your son have the potential to succeed, but gives up before he’s given himself the chance?  


Most young men realize that they need help in these areas, but they don’t know the path to take and the right direction to go in for their future success.  That's where a boarding school enters the picture, which provides opportunities to try new things in an environment that promotes this adventurous spirit. There is a sense of "everyone is doing it," and positive peer pressure goes a long way to get a boy out of his comfort zone. It also helps that there are faculty and staff members who are well-versed in this level of encouragement and involvement.

 When is it time to make a change?

As we near mid year admissions, many parents are noticing a return to their son’s “old habits.”  He started off the school year with the best intentions, but soon became lost in homework, tests and assignments.  Without personal, individual, attention your son quickly flounders and ends up giving up - just like he always has in the past.  


Poor habits are just that - habits!  They don’t go away easily and without intervention, they become a sticking point for young people, following through to adulthood.

Like anything else, when a behavior or habit is well-established, the sooner a change takes place, the better. Although a total transformation is an unlikely or unrealistic goal, a change in educational environment can begin to replace the poor habits with productive ones. Boys learn that they are indeed able to manage and create responsibility, productivity, and healthy behavior. Beyond that, they see and hear themselves going through their day with the traits of a gentleman.

What’s the difference with MMA?

MMA’s system of education approaches not one, but all aspects of a young man’s development. As a boarding school, we have the ability to create an environment that pushes boys to the best of their abilities.


We call this system our 360° Education, which approaches five distinct but related areas of development: 

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Character Development
  3. Personal Motivation
  4. Physical Development
  5. Leadership


The uniqueness of our program is that we assist your son in his development based upon his unique needs and the growth he is aiming for in his life.  We will surround your son in academic excellence, challenging expectations, strong positive character development while developing his personal motivation for his own growthand showing him the opportunity to lead others. Boys’ energy levels are naturally high, so we meet them where they are by promoting their physical development on a daily basis. The day begins with exercise and (weather permitting) fresh air, setting the tone for the remainder of the day.

 Like a gem, every boy is unique

 A lot of people assume that a military school takes a one size fits all approach. And while we do have a structured environment and mutually understood rules, rewards, and consequences, we recognize that there is no one like your son.  Your son is unique in his personality and drive.  He is unique in every way.  As your son achieves and grows he will develop his confidence to try new things and to strive to improve in other areas His development  in one area will fuel his ability to be a well-rounded young man – taking the time to work on each facet can turn a rough stone into a polished gem.

 Now is the time

As we head into our mid year enrollment in January we look forward to speaking with you and assisting you in making this very important decision for your son.  We encourage all of our families to visit and tour our campus, meet with some of our faculty and staff, as well as some of our cadets so that you and your son can experience first hand the success other young men have experienced and are experiencing now.

By making this positive decision you have started your son on the path to his success for both now and in the future.  

 Contact us and put in his application today so that we can start your son on the path of his desires and future dreams.


Gary Stewart is an MMA alumnus and associate director of enrollment management. He began working at MMA in 2010 after retiring from a successful career as a corporate recruiter.