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Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Gaming: Michael Aubuchon ‘94

After graduating from MMA, Aubuchon studied computer engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. “I've always had a strong passion for gaming and the technologies supporting it,” Aubuchon said.  

After college, he began his career as a systems integration engineer before moving to San Diego, California to pursue a career in the interactive entertainment industry.   

“I’m proud MMA gave me the courage to travel to where the opportunity was and take risks to follow my passions,” Aubuchon said.   

In California, he joined the America's Army development team at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, where he was given a unique opportunity to help his nation as a game developer – his mission being to bring the U.S. Army's advertising and recruitment tools into an immersive, authentic, multiplayer combat game focused on teamwork.   

“I was able to contribute to the nation's needs in the post-911 world,” Aubuchon said, “and use my MMA JROTC knowledge.”   

Although he was brought onto the development team as an assistant producer, Aubuchon rose through the ranks – from producer to lead game designer – over the next several years. During his tenure, he was involved in over twenty major game releases, including the Army's all new next-generation PC game “America's Army 3.  

In 2010, Aubuchon began working with id Software, a world-renowned game developing innovator responsible for popular games such as “Wolfenstein” and “Quake.” As senior designer, Aubuchon played a major role in the creation of popular video games “Doom” and “Rage” – games he says have been one of the most rewarding creations of his career thus far. Doom, for example, had a remarkable aggregate review score of 87 from Metacritic.  

“In 2014, at id software’s annual Quakecon convention in Dallas, we revealed to attendees what we had been working on for years – a new 'Doomgame. The anticipation was through the roof.” Aubuchon said. “The crowd’s reaction was amazing – on their feet, shouting, clapping. As a team, it was a very proud moment that inspired us to put even more love, sweat, and tears into the final version. I will never forget that moment.”  

Now taking a small break from his gaming projects, Aubuchon spends his time traveling and spending time with his family. He says there have been very few days he hasn’t relied on something or someone from MMA, and he encourages current cadets to take advantage of the leadership skills, social skills and personal courage they are learning at MMA.    

Don’t be afraid to chase your passions,” he said. Every industry or field is always looking for hard working, passionate people with good attitudes.  

As a creative leader and innovator in the gaming industry, MMA is proud to highlight Michael Aubuchon’s accomplishments as one of our influential alumni.