Founder's Day

Founder's Day

The Power of Community 

In 1889, the community of Mexico, Missouri, had a vision.

They wanted a local academy to offer classical education for boys, set a standard of academic excellence, and provide learning with emphasis on discipline. 

Through their combined efforts and vision for the Academy's potential, Missouri Military Academy came to be — founded on November 22, 1889. Read full history below. 

The Need for Continued Support 

MMA continues to thrive today through the support of donors.

The MMA Strategic Plan is the intentional, driving force behind charting MMA’s future. It builds upon the Academy’s strengths, focuses on its mission and responds to opportunities for growth and enhancement. 

The plan's success depends on strong enrollment and the unwavering financial commitment from alumni, patrons and friends.

Click here to donate to support the Academy and MMA cadets, or click here to learn about ways to give. You can also contact Vice President for Institutional Advancement Rob Silbaugh via email or by phone at 573.581.1776 ext. 230 (work) or 443.956.3244 (cell). 

Founders Day Information

MMA's Founding History

In the late-1800s, Mexico, Missouri was well-known in state as the “the driving young metropolis of the Grand Prairie,” boasting an impressive business district and growing education system.  The town offered public school, as well as a few private schools, and the highly respected “Vassar of the West” – Hardin College for Young Ladies. What the town needed now, said many, was a good academy for young men. 

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MMA’s Strategic Plan for Future

More than 130 years later, much has changed for the Academy born from that initiative, but the benefits — and the need for leaders of character in our volatile world— remain the same. Through the Strategic Plan, MMA leadership is researching and pursuing new opportunities and strategic partnerships consistent with our mission, core competencies and core values.

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Everything Comes Full Circle: MMA Cadets Give Back

Each year, every MMA high school cadet contributes 16 hours and every middle school cadet contributes 8 hours of community service to the local community. Not only does this service provide an opportunity to give back to those who invest in us, it also promotes values of honor, integrity and selfless service.

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Support MMA's continued growth! 

To donate to support Missouri Military Academy’s continued growth, please click here  to donate online or contact Vice President for Institutional Advancement Rob Silbaugh. You can reach him via email at , by phone at 573.581.1776 ext. 230 (work) or 443.956.3244 (cell). 

Missouri Military Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and therefore contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.    

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