Notable Alumni

Noteworthy Alumni in the Fields of Government and Law: Jess Larson ʼ22

Jess Larson ʼ22 lived his life in service to his country and fellow citizens. An accomplished attorney, he served as mayor of Chickasha, Oklahoma, and rose to the rank of major general in the U.S. Air Force, also filling roles by presidential appointment as administrator of the War Assets Administration and the General Services Administration.

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Entertainment – Jesús Guzmán ’85

Jesús Guzmán is a famous standup comedian who has applied his talent and creativity to multiple facets of the entertainment industry. Throughout his career, he has served as a television writer, actor and talk show host; radio personality, voice actor and DJ; writer; producer; and translator for Broadway adaptations in Mexico.

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Military Service – Jack Fuson ’39

As a three-star general, Jack C. Fuson ’39 is among the highest U.S. military ranking Missouri Military Academy alumni. A true patriot, his active duty service extended over three wars, and even in his retirement, Fuson served his country as a military advisor and preserver of American history

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Business – René Malès ’50

The retired president of Iowa Southern Utilities, an energy company headquartered in Centerville, Iowa, and later of IES Utilities, René Malès ’50 credits Missouri Military Academy with providing both strong academics and lessons in discipline that helped lead him to success. 

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Law – William Berry ’30

William Berry from MMA’s Class of 1930 was a dedicated patriot who served as county attorney, solider, Oklahoma County judge and Supreme Court judge. He was also an active member of several veteran organizations, a humanitarian who served in leadership roles of major organizations such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and was an initial organizer of the Big Brothers of Oklahoma.

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Music: Venustiano Reyes ’88
Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Medicine: Dr. Stanley Zydlo ‘52

Dr. Stanley Zydlo ’52 – most well known as the “Father of Paramedics” – was the driving force behind creating the first multi-community system of paramedics and emergency medical technicians in the country. His initiative would spearhead the transformation of standards that we have today in which ambulance technicians and firefighters have emergency medical training, able to provide on-site and en route care as needed.

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Journalism: Tony Gervino ’84

From co-founding two brand magazines to working at the New York Times and Billboard Magazine, MMA alumnus Tony Gervino ’84 has built a career pursuing work he loves. He also says he’s been privileged to positively impact young people and the entertainment industry through his editorial power, knowledge and leadership.

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Entertainment: Dale Dye '62

Dale Dye is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran and successful actor, technical adviser, radio personality, writer and founder of Warriors Inc. He has dedicated his life to influencing the media to realistically portray the brave men and women who serve the country, giving their experiences a more honest voice.

Noteworthy Alumni in the Field of Information Technology: Mario Nardoni '79

MMA works to provide motivation and a positive education, to give young men the skills they need to take command of their lives and become great leaders. MMA is proud to count Mario Nardoni ’79, deputy chief technology officer and associate director of the U.S. Department of Treasury, among its esteemed alumni.