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Utilize the Mighty MexMO app from the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce to learn more about our local community — including hotels and other accommodations, restaurants and shopping. A free resource to help plan your visit to Mexico!

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The whole core of what MMA stands for is still there, even after the ups and downs of 130 years. I believe in what they are doing.

Chris Gentry ’88

Alumni News

Preparing for the Future: Missouri Military Academy Cadets Learn Life Skills

At Missouri Military Academy (MMA), the approach to education extends far beyond traditional academics. Cadets are delving into a curriculum that covers a spectrum of practical life skills. From basic household tasks to financial literacy, the Life Skills class offers a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the complexities of adulthood. With the incorporation of guest speakers, the class adds depth and real-world insight to the cadets' learning experience.

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Missouri Military Academy Cadet Battalion Commander Bradley Thumbi receives NROTC scholarship

Missouri Military Academy Cadet Bradley Thumbi ’24, from Overland Park, Kansas, has been awarded the prestigious NROTC scholarship, which is worth $180,000. Since joining MMA in September 2020, Cadet Thumbi has been actively engaged in a diverse array of activities, including football, soccer, Fusileers, Color Guard, track, Boy Scouts, the dual-credit Triumph Program and the Lunch Buddy program. He holds the esteemed position of Battalion Commander and serves as the Fusileer Color Guard Commander.

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