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Behind every great institution stands a legacy of leadership, support and generosity. Trustees, faculty, alumni, parents and friends inherit a responsibility to ensure their institution has the means to accomplish its mission and pursue new avenues of greatness. The Development office exists to raise funds that benefit Missouri Military Academy and secure its future for generations.

Email the Office of Development regarding how you would like to help support these and other Missouri Military Academy initiatives.

Current Fundraising Priorities

Annual Fund

To sustain our commitment to producing well-educated, well-prepared gentlemen of character, MMA relies on support through donations to the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is a significant part of our yearly operating budget. Tuition does not cover the entire cost to educate one of our cadets. It is through this fund that we help support our academic, sports, and music programs. When you support the Annual Fund you may be purchasing a trumpet, enabling a cadet to go on a field trip, or buying art and science supplies for a young man who will someday learn to do the same for his Alma Mater.

Annual Grants

A growing number of student applicants require significant financial aid in order to attend, which requires more support for the Annual Fund. Unrestricted Annual Fund donations help to underwrite the tuition support that is granted to students. In addition, MMA has created a Named Annual Grant Program that makes it possible for alumni and friends to support students in need. Through the Annual Grant, donors are asked to contribute a minimum of $1,000 per year for three consecutive years. The donor will be made aware of their student's name and can share in their success at MMA – certainly one of the most rewarding giving opportunities available!

Endowed Grants

Donors who wish to make a significant contribution can establish an endowed grant, which will provide long-term support for a deserving young man. Donors may work with the development team to develop award parameters and to identify a particular type of student or interest.

Cadet Life Programs

The current cadet life focus is to create more opportunities for cadets to experience the outdoors, whether back campus or at nearby wildlife areas. The boys have attended camp-outs and participated in adventurous team-building exercises both on and off campus and have found them to be a rewarding, fun experience. The cadets are also participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and the Boy Scouts, two programs that encourage discovering new interests, a healthy outlook, exercise, and resourcefulness.

To ensure the success of the Cadet Life programs the school needs additional equipment and supplies to make these activities available to more boys. Some of the items include new tents for camping, backpacks for hiking, camping stoves, mountain bikes, DSLR cameras for the yearbook club, fencing kits, etc.


MMA has made it a priority to replace our aging fleet of commercial vehicles. In the last two years, we have replaced two buses and one 15-passenger van, however, only one is equipped with modern safety features such as side curtain airbags. We are currently raising funds to purchase a new fleet of passenger vans, which are approximately $25,000 each.


The following items are desired by the Academic department:
Accelerated Reading Program | $3,000
Workshop on the Socratic Method | $2,500
Additions to the Great Books Library | $500

The Academy would like to establish a permanent art gallery in Barnard Hall which would feature rotating exhibits that explain the artistic theory. The funds would set up the gallery space and also fund new display boards for the art show.

Art Gallery Project | $3,500


As part of our strategic initiative to invest in our music and band programs, the following items are needed:

Electric Keyboards (2) | $6,000 each
Upright Studio Pianos (2) | $1,200 each

Maintenance and Grounds

Replace Roof on Delta Company Barracks | $40,000
Replace/repair Roof on Gym Mezzanine | $40,000
Small Vehicle Lift for Gym Stage | $8,000
Senior Fountain Project | $15,000

Fundraising Campaigns

The whole core of what MMA stands for is still there, even after the ups and downs of 130 years. I believe in what they are doing.

Chris Gentry ’88

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