Flag Officers


Missouri Military Academy recognizes the distinguished service of our alumni who have achieved honor as flag officers in the U.S. military. A flag officer is a commissioned officer in a nation’s armed forces who is senior enough to be entitled to display a flag indicating his or her rank. 


BG Maurice A. Marrs, Class of 1918, U.S. Army Air Corps

BG Francisco A. Sierra, Class of 1958, U.S. Navy

BG Carl Tegtmeier, Class of 1962, U.S. Army Reserve

Gen. Clifton B. Cates, Class of 1910, U.S. Marines

Gen. Robert D. Wright, Class of 1923

MG Judd Lyons, Class of 1980, Nebraska National Guard and U.S. Army

MG Robert N. Mackinnon, Class of 1940, U.S. Army

MG Jess L. Larson, Class of 1922, U.S. Air Force Reserves

Admiral Douglas P. Johnson, Class of 1915, U.S. Navy

The whole core of what MMA stands for is still there, even after the ups and downs of 130 years. I believe in what they are doing.

Chris Gentry ’88

Alumni News

MMA Hall of Fame: Randall Carver ’64

Randall Carver attended Missouri Military Academy for three years, from 1961 to 1964. He graduated in 1964 as a cadet officer, second lieutenant. During his MMA years, Randall served as vice president of the senior class and was active in the Fusileers, rifle team, band, chorus, Glee Club and Dramateers, and lettered in football and track. A familiar face to television and movie audiences, Randall’s acting career has spanned more than 50 years. For his accomplishments, he is inducted into the 2022 MMA Hall of Fame for Arts and Sciences.

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