MMA Alumni Leadership Academy: Leadership in Tough Times

To be held May 21-24, 2023 on MMA's campus.

Re-live your MMA experience. Take your leadership skills to next level. Network with other MMA alumni.

Open exclusively to MMA alumni, the MMA Alumni Leadership Academy is a four-day intensive leadership development experience for those seeking to renew and hone their leadership focus. Enhanced by the MMA brotherhood you experienced as a cadet and driven by MMA’s core values, the MMA Alumni Leadership Academy will re-invigorate you as a leader and rekindle your desire to make a difference.

For more information, please contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Rob Silbaugh at (573) 581-1776 ext. 230 or via email.

Topics to be covered include …

  • The 4 Most Critical Facets of Leadership
  • How to Strengthen Your Personal Leadership Brand
  • Employing Military Leadership Traits
  • Leading with Military Decision-Making Process
  • How to Strategize Instead of Plan
  • And more.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 0700 Reveille
  • 0740 Flag raising
  • 0800 Breakfast
  • 0900 Seminar
  • 1100 Group discussion
  • 1200 Lunch
  • 1300 Back campus activities (such as rappelling or paintball)
  • 1500 Free time with access to MMA facilities (including basketball, tennis, swimming and weight room) 
  • 1800 Dinner
  • 1900 Bonfire

Daily schedule subject to change.

The whole core of what MMA stands for is still there, even after the ups and downs of 130 years. I believe in what they are doing.

Chris Gentry ’88

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