Boone, Audrian and Callaway Community Grant (Day School Only)

A special community tuition grant is available for qualifying residents of Boone, Audrain and Callaway counties who wish to enroll in the day school. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA, an excellent disciplinary record and must have lived in the area for at least one year prior to enrollment. With the community tuition grant, the cost of the day school program is $6,500 per year, plus cost of uniforms.

Leadership Grant

Students may be eligible for up to an $11,000 grant, based on their leadership potential. May be used in conjunction with our need-based financial aid.

College Readiness Grant

Today's college student debt is directly correlated to the amount of time it takes students to complete their college degrees. Graduating in four years was once the norm, but today the Department of Education is no longer tracking 4-year graduation data and has shifted to tracking 6-year graduation data.

Missouri Military Academy addresses this dilemma with our College Readiness Grant. MMA helps students develop the skills needed for success in high school, college, and beyond, and we are so committed to preparing tomorrow's leaders for those challenges today that we offer a $6,000 grant to students who met our criteria for acceptance. May be used in conjunction with our need-based financial aid.

Veterans Tuition Assistance

In recognition of the sacrifice veterans and military families have made for our country, the NewDAY USA Foundation and Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) have partnered to provide grants to the children of disabled U.S. veterans and service members.

Eligible students can receive up to $13,000 in tuition assistance towards attending a select military school such as Missouri Military Academy. This award can be used in conjunction with other need-based aid.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant’s parent or legal guardian must be one of the following:

  • a fallen U.S. armed service member killed on active duty
  • a U.S. veteran with a significant service-connected disability
  • a U.S. veteran who has died due to a service-connected disability
  • a member of the armed forces on extended/multiple deployments away from home

Priority is given to children whose parents or guardians have made the ultimate sacrifice, sustained significant disability, or endured significant disruption to family life due to the demands of military service.

Mexico Community Scholarship

Missouri Military Academy is proud to offer the Mexico Community Scholarship to students from Mexico, Missouri, who show leadership potential. The Academy and three other foundations, the Miriam Arnold Edmonston Foundation, the Griffin Family Foundation and the Stribling Foundation, make this scholarship possible so that promising young men in Mexico can attend Missouri Military Academy.

Mexico residents entering grades 7-12 are eligible to apply for the scholarship, and selection will be done by a committee composed of MMA and sponsoring foundation representatives. One or more candidates will be selected to receive the Mexico Community Scholarship, which is renewable.

Recipients of the Mexico Community Scholarship are known as Stribling Scholars in honor of Mexico and MMA leaders Charles R. Stribling Jr. and Charles R. Stribling III ’44. Charles Stribling Jr. came to Mexico in 1920 to teach at the Academy, eventually becoming its president during the Great Depression, when he managed the school through difficult financial times. He spearheaded an effort to establish the Academy as a nonprofit in 1948 and served as chairman of the board of trustees until his death in 1983. Charles Stribling III was born in Mexico to Charles Stribling Jr. and his wife, Ruth Cauthorn Stribling.

“I spent five years of my adolescence at MMA. Friends for life and a great foundation for a man. My boys intend to go as well.” — Tyler Hollman '99