Family Stories


Quiroga Family

"As proud parents, we have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for MMA boarding school. Despite the misguided misconceptions that boarding schools are only for troubled students or those pursuing a military career, MMA is so much more. This awesome institution places the success and well-being of the students at the forefront of everything they do."

– Leticia and Gerardo Quiroga, MMA parents

Vo Family

“He’s happy, he loves me more, he cares, he’s confident, he’s less impulsive. He knows what he’s got to do – he sets a goal and achieves it. Preston likes the reward system.”

– Uyen Nguyen, MMA mom

Regis Family

“He told me, ‘Mom, if you let me come [to MMA], I will make you proud’ – and he really has … With MMA, I’ve seen so much leadership in him and so much more seriousness in him. He comes home and our whole family is just ‘wow.’”

– Nadia Regis, MMA mom

Mumm Family

“He’s learning how to take care of things for himself; he’s learning that you have to ask questions; he’s learning that just because you think you have the answer, you don’t always do so; and he’s learning the important element of self-discipline …  He is showing the character that we want a young man from MMA to have.”

— George Davison ’68, MMA grandfather

Emminger Family

“MMA is much more professional, much higher quality ... MMA allows us to do what we need to do with higher expectations in parent contact and differentiating within the classroom. There is some of that in public school, but it's a much higher level here."

— Cheryl Emminger, MMA faculty and mom

Punab-Mitchell Family

“He knows he is on the path to his dream and is confident that it is achievable with the education available at MMA.”

— Jaymie “MieMie” Mitchell, MMA grandma

Yarte Family

“MMA has unlocked his full potential and maximized his opportunities in life ... I am already very proud of my son. I am confident that he will make us all feel proud as an MMA ambassador wherever he may pursue his personal and professional life.” — Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada, MMA dad

Missouri Military Academy Cadet

"No one can fully understand what it is like to have your teenage child move away from home much earlier than ever anticipated unless one experiences it themselves. It was life changing for all of us in every regard." A year after his graduation, MMA alumni Elizabeth Royse looks back on the impact MMA has had on her son Noah. 

Kjolhede Family

“His grades were a night and day improvement. He said he felt like it was easier to make friends (at MMA). His confidence has improved and he is a happier child. Landon takes initiative in his own life. If we have a conversation about a bad grade, he just takes it upon himself to get a teacher, figure out tutoring and do what he needs to do to get that grade up.” 

— Jennifer Kjohlede 

Peck Family

" It has definitely been a change for Robbie and for our family, but we can already see signs that he is maturing into the man we know he can become." 

– Ray Peck, MMA dad

Naughton Family

“[With] the brotherhood up there and the way they all take care of each other, he has a home [at MMA].”

— Thomas Naughton, MMA dad

Castle Family

“I wish that more kids had the opportunity to experience [MMA]. I think it would make a world of difference.”

– Cheryl Castle, MMA mom


Kiefer Family

"I can’t thank everyone enough who works at MMA to help groom our boys into the men they are destined to become."

 – Michelle Kiefer, MMA mom

Thibodeaux Family

“The whole attitude of the school was more about academics and a scholar more than it was being a tough guy.”

–David Thibodeaux, MMA dad. 

Hughes Family

“The teachers and the leaders there at the school recognize the potential that is in each of these young men and then puts it to the test and says, ‘Here, you’re going to hone those skills.’”

– Nicole Hughes, MMA mom

military academy campus

"Last night on the phone he said, 'I know I don’t tell you enough, but I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me to be able to go to MMA.'"

— V.S.T., MMA mom

Founded in 1889, Missouri Military Academy is an accredited non-profit independent private school. MMA offers both boarding and day school options for boys, grades 7-12, as well as a variety of summer camps. Missouri Military Academy is located in the Midwest on 288 acres in Mexico, Missouri, approximately 2 hours from St. Louis and 2.5 hours from Kansas City.