International Boarding School Cadets

Our Admissions Office will assist you with the admissions process, student visa applications, and safeguarding passports and travel documents.

Step 1: Application

Fill out our online application by clicking the button below. If you prefer a printable version, email our Admissions Office or call us at (573) 581-1776 extension 321.

online application

Step 2: Pay Application Fee

When you apply, pay the required $150 non-refundable application fee with a credit card or ACH transfer (electronic check). You can make your payment here.

Step 3: Transcript, Recommendations & English Fluency

Please work with your son’s current school to submit the following:

Step 4: Follow up

Make sure we’ve received all the required forms and the application fee. Once we have everything, we’ll begin processing your application. Please email our Admission Office or call us at (573) 581-1776 extension 321.

Step 5: Financial aid

If you need tuition assistance, please review your options and return the required documents and forms promptly.

Step 6: Personal Interview

Your admissions counselor will contact you to schedule a personal interview with your son. This can be done in a whatever way is most convenient for you.

Step 7: Acceptance

We notify you of your son’s acceptance and any tuition assistance we can offer you. We also send you an electronic acceptance package. This contains his acceptance letter, an enrollment agreement, travel form, financial declaration documents, information on how we’ll help you get an F-1 Visa for your son and instructions for submitting a copy of his passport to us.

Step 8: Prepare to Enroll

  • Fill out the financial declaration documents included in your acceptance package
  • Send us a copy of your son’s passport
  • Send us a $350 processing fee to register your son’s non-immigrant student status with the US government
  • Send us your $2,000 enrollment deposit (this amount is in addition to the $350 processing fee)
  • We reserve your son’s enrollment
  • We send you an enrollment bundle including registration, a travel from and an enrollment agreement
  • We process and deliver your son’s F-1 Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status

Step 9: Get a Visa

  • Schedule an appointment with your Consulate
  • Present your son’s acceptance letter to Missouri Military Academy
  • Present your financial declaration documents
  • Present your son’s passport
  • Present your son’s F-1 Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status
  • Receive your son’s Visa

Step 10: Enroll your son

  • Review, sign and return our enrollment agreement

Step 11: Flight itinerary

  • Missouri Military Academy On-Campus New Cadet Registration can be found on the online calendar
  • Schedule your son’s flight using the travel form in your enrollment bundle
  • Complete the travel form and send it with your son’s flight itinerary as soon as possible so that we can provide him transportation from St. Louis Lambert Airport to MMA
  • If your son is an Airline Unaccompanied Minor, send us a copy of the airline’s paperwork and we will arrange for a personal chaperone to meet him at his arrival gate

Step 12: Pack

  • Using the packing list in your enrollment bundle, pack your son’s belongings
  • Once his room is set up for his arrival, we can store his luggage until May of the current academic year. 

Step 13: Medical insurance

  • Schedule a physical exam for your son
  • Have your doctor complete the Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form provided in your enrollment bundle
  • Before your son’s arrival, provide us with proof of immunizations as we’ve detailed in your enrollment bundle
  • We will complete your son’s enrollment with LewerMark International Health Insurance upon his arrival here at MMA

Step 14: Pay tuition

Per our enrollment agreement, tuition is due before your son arrives. Click here to pay.

International Admissions Staff

Matthias McCurren

Matthias McCurren

Titles: International Enrollment Counselor
Rodrigo Padilla '15

Rodrigo Padilla '15

Titles: International Enrollment Counselor
Paul Petit '85

Paul Petit '85

Titles: Mexico Enrollment Coordinator

ESL orientation camp

For new international students, we offer a 21-day English as a Second Language (ESL) orientation camp in August. It helps your boy get acclimated to his new surroundings before school starts. And It helps us get to know him better, assess his English language skills and determine the best classes for him.



Missouri Military Academy is a TOEFL test site, which facilitates students' ability to succeed on the TOEFL exam.


International Student Health Insurance Requirement

All international students are required to have student health insurance before attending MMA.

insurance info