Triumph Program

Top students get an early start on college through MMA's Triumph Program. Qualifying students can finish high school and work toward their associate degree at the same time!

  • Start college career while in high school.
  • Save time and money — MMA college courses reduce a student’s cost and time in college, post-high school.
  • Demonstrate to top colleges and universities the ability to successfully complete and master college-level work.
  • Supported by MMA's structured environment, learn the self-discipline it takes to perform academically at the college level.
  • Learn from William Woods University faculty on MMA's campus (a true college academic experience).
  • Benefit from a map to college graduation, starting as early as middle school, to help you understand your college investment and academic plan.

MMA is proud to partner with William Woods University to provide the Triumph Program to our cadets. With a history of education dating back to 1870, WWU distinguishes itself as a student-centered and professions-oriented university committed to the values of ethics, self-liberation, and lifelong education of students in the world community. U.S. News has consistently ranked William Woods University as one of the top universities in the Midwest.

College Triumph courses are taught by WWU instructors at MMA's campus. 

William Woods University COVID-19 Protocols

Cadets will receive chaperoned transportation to and from WWU to take their Triumph Program courses. The following are a few key measures WWU is taking regarding their COVID-19 protocols: 

  1. Students will be required to practice physical distancing (6 foot distance) while on campus. Desks, chairs, couches and lounge furniture have been removed/reduced in some common areas and classrooms to support safe learning and socializing. 
  2. All individuals are required to wear face coverings in the classroom, in hallways, and in common areas of residential halls or other campus buildings.
  3. Maintenance or a janitorial subcontractor will clean and disinfect common areas and public restrooms daily. Maintenance will clean high touch surfaces such as exterior door handles several times each day. Highly touched surfaces will be cleaned after every class session.
  4. Classes are assigned rooms based on new occupancy guidelines.
  5. Students will conduct symptom monitoring every day, including monitoring for a fever by taking a body temperature reading each day. You must be free of symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 to attend class and participate in campus activities.

Read William Woods University's full COVID-19 plan here.

See Your Son Triumph!

The number of cadets who can participate in our Triumph Program is limited. For more information, contact Lt. Col. Greg Seibert, MMA director of enrollment management, at 573-581-1776, ext. 323, or via email.