The MMA Way

Character Development 

Character development is the most important of all the lessons taught at Missouri Military Academy. Whether learning in the classroom, completing community service, performing on the athletic field or interacting socially, our cadets are always expected to do the right thing — acting with respect, responsibility, honor and generosity.

A Missouri Military Academy diploma means that a student has gone beyond the mastery of the subjects necessary to succeed in college and possesses the self-discipline and values that will help him succeed in all aspects of life.

Active Community Service Program

Our service learning program requires students to contribute several community service hours annually. High school students contribute 16 hours each school year, while middle school students must complete 8 hours. Cadets participate in a variety of community projects, such as cleaning up parks, spending time with veterans at the Missouri Veterans Home, and assembling Buddy Packs to feed local children in need.

The purpose of the program is to expose young people to the needs in their communities and teach them how they can give back.

Missouri Military Academy Honor Code

The MMA Honor Code is central to our program and sets a standard of character for the young men who spend their formative years at MMA:

“I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do.”

Cadets participate on an Honor Council, which serves as peer reinforcement for the Honor Code.

Spiritual Development

Cadets are required to attend a spiritual, non-denominational Vespers service every Sunday evening. Led by the MMA chaplain, the sermons teach lessons of character. MMA companies each take turns leading a service throughout the year as well.

On Sunday morning, cadets attend the religious service of their choosing at a local church.

Friendships at MMA

Missouri Military Academy approaches social networking a bit differently...In a time when the definition of friendship revolves around virtual social networks, our cadets have a unique opportunity to develop real friendships. By learning, living, and interacting with classmates 24-7, cadets develop lifelong bonds with the boys who are their Missouri Military Academy brothers.

Missouri Military Academy gives boys a chance to experience new cultures — invaluable in an increasingly connected world. Family members benefit from this experience too, often welcoming their son's friends (or "second sons," as some call them) into their homes for weekend and holiday furloughs.

The boys who come to Missouri Military Academy as strangers leave as members of what our alumni consider a "Band of Brothers" — those who have had the unique and treasured experience of being a Missouri Military Academy cadet.

The Senior Ring Ceremony is a time-honored tradition at the Missouri Military Academy. Senior cadets are presented their class rings during Fall Family Weekend by their family (or a faculty/staff member of the senior's choice, if family is unable to attend the event).

Leadership Opportunities 

In life, there are leaders and followers. We teach young men how to be both.

Leadership is among the core skills and values taught at Missouri Military Academy. But teaching leadership begins by helping young men learn to follow — a skill that is not just about abiding by rules. It's also about observing other leaders in action, developing an understanding of what it takes to motivate others and making decisions honorably and responsibly.

Self-discipline, Respect and Good Judgment

Leadership roles at MMA give cadets responsibility, building confidence and instilling the value of a good work ethic. In addition to leadership opportunities within our barracks, our JROTC program imparts time-honored leadership skills to high school cadets.

This is where born leaders have the chance to hone their skills and where boys who never thought of themselves as leaders gain a new perspective about who they can be.

A Rewarding Experience

The ribbons, patches and medals on our cadets' uniforms represent good conduct, outstanding academic performance, extracurricular activity and leadership. These honors foster self-pride and motivate cadets to continue to achieve.

Athletics & Activities

Missouri Military Academy cadets are encouraged to explore their individual athletic interests. Athletics have been an important part of the Academy program since the first varsity teams took the field in 1892. Today every cadet is required to complete two hours of physical exercise daily, developing a lifelong appreciation for personal wellness. Our athletic program offers an educational component designed to develop a winning attitude among athletes. 

Maybe it's setting up camp with the Railsplitters, our WWII reenactment group, or scoring a goal as a member of our soccer team. Whatever the interest, Missouri Military Academy has something for nearly every young man within our structured athletic and academic programs. A full slate of varsity sports, a diverse selection of extra-curricular organizations, and a list of interscholastic activities guarantee a busy, fulfilling schedule.

Structured Environment

One of the phrases you'll see around the Missouri Military Academy campus is "Structure. Scholarship. Success."

In many ways, these three words sum up exactly what we do here at Missouri Military Academy — we use structure to help students fulfill their academic potential, which in turn leads the way to current and future success. As a school with a history steeped in military tradition, structure is the foundation upon which our program is built.

At Missouri Military Academy it begins with structure. The end result is success.

Why is structure so important?

A structured environment promotes focus. It creates a balanced schedule that incorporates time for learning, physical exercise, extra-curricular activity, and hanging out with friends. It also teaches good habits, time management skills and the ability to follow an organized daily routine.

For young people, structure provides stability. It gives our cadets a sense of security. It helps them tune out the outside noise they are bombarded with on a daily basis, allowing them to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Student Potential

At Missouri Military Academy there is a difference between those who can and those who do. Student potential is capability and possibility. And until it's unlocked, potential is only about what could be.

As a parent, you recognize the potential in your son. You know he is capable of more. And you want to make sure he is in an environment that will teach him to tap into his capabilities and put them to work.

Our expertise is teaching boys how to achieve their full potential. It's something we've been doing since 1889. We serve a diverse group of young men whose needs range from help with basic study skills to a desire to challenge their capacity to learn. Our safe, structured environment, small class sizes, rigorous academic curriculum and 24/7 focus on character and leadership all create a powerful synergy that transforms boys into men.