Between 2020 and 2030, STEM jobs are projected to increase by 11%, nearly two times the projected growth for non-STEM occupations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the median annual wage for STEM workers in 2021 was $95,420 compared to $40,120 for non-STEM occupations. With over 2.4 million STEAM jobs unfilled in 2018 alone, the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math are promising avenues for young men looking to make an impact in their future careers.

A STEAM education offers students an educational experience that connects the logical, technical and experimental learning opportunities of science, technology, engineering and math with the creative and critical practices of art and design. This dynamic approach to education prepares students to enter the ever-increasingly technical 21st century workforce with the knowledge of how to implement and deliver to the world. 

At MMA, our goal is to develop cadets who are college and career ready — and that means preparing them not only for lives of impact but for future success. MMA has partnered with Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to further enhance the Academy’s STEAM education opportunities, empowering students to flex their problem-solving abilities while gaining the confidence and skills to address real-world issues. 

Unlike traditional middle school and high school science classes, PLTW courses are designed to engage students through activities, projects and problem-based instructional design. By centering focus on real-world problems and hands-on activities, PLTW provides students with applicable skills for everyday life. PTLW includes courses such as: Computer Science for Innovators and Makers, App Creators, Computer Science for Innovators and Makers, Automation and Robotics, Engineering Essentials and Introduction to Engineering Design. 

Through MMA’s partnerships with Mexico High School, the Hart Career Center and the Triumph Program through with William Woods University, cadets have access to STEM courses not offered at MMA.

MMA middle school and high school cadets can also further their STEM education through membership in MMA’s National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM) chapter. NSTEM’s mission is to encourage innovation and recognize students who excel in STEM fields. Being a member of NSTEM can help cadets earn promotions and strengthen their resumes. MMA’s chapter requires members to complete four STEM courses within an academic year with a B or higher in each course.

Through PLTW and the NSTEM Honor Society, MMA continues to expand and improve its STEM program. The Academy combines this challenging, supportive STEM curriculum with MMA’s 360° Education — focused on structure, self-discipline, personal responsibility and accountability — to prepare cadets to excel and achieve their dreams as they advance to higher education and fill critically needed STEM careers.

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