Middle School Curriculum

We know that students work best when they are actively engaged in meaningful learning.

MMA understands that students of middle school age are curious and willing to learn those things they find useful. As they become young adults, middle-schoolers are interested in solving “real-life” problems. Our small classes enable our middle school faculty to have a closer relationship with our cadets, which enhances their education. Most cadets attend classes with others in their own grade.

Classes in our middle school are small, averaging only 10 cadets per class. We enroll cadets in classes based on their grade and achievement level, then provide the attention that will guide them to success. We recognize and embrace the fact that middle school-aged boys are motivated by different things — they are challenged by projects, hands-on learning, human interaction and high expectations.

Our goal is to allow cadets to advance as far as they can academically while maintaining a high level of achievement. We believe that all cadets are capable of achieving at their grade level if provided the proper academic support, classroom structure and challenging curriculum. If a cadet demonstrates advanced ability in a particular academic area, he may be assigned to a class in another grade.

Mandatory athletics participation throughout the school year fulfill the physical education requirement for our middle school cadets. Boys have a lot of energy and we understand that they are able to focus more fully on their academic work if they are able to participate in fun, challenging athletics.

Middle School Academic Overview

For Grade 7 and Grade 8, courses are divided into ability-based groups that reinforce the middle school curricular objectives.

Grade 7-8 Core Courses

  • MS Language Arts 7
  • MS Language Arts 8
  • Pre-Algebra 7
  • Pre-Algebra 8
  • MS Earth Science 7-8
  • MS Life Science 7-8
  • MS World History 7-8
  • MS U.S. History 7-8

Elective Courses

  • Preparatory Band
  • Middle School Choir
  • Private Music (with approval)
  • Bagpipes
  • Middle School Art
  • Middle School PE
  • Project Lead The Way: Automation and Robotics
  • Reading Intervention
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • JROTC (8th grade only)

Accelerated Courses (8th grade only with approval)

  • Algebra I
  • Biology I
  • English I
  • Academy Band
  • Chinese I
  • Spanish I