English as a Second Language

Missouri Military Academy offers four distinct levels for international students who require ESL. Students also have the opportunity to take the TOEFL Prep. elective course. Our comprehensive program manages all student ability levels from beginner through intermediate and advanced language usage. 
Our small classes provide individualized instruction, expression of ideas and opinions, and teach the skills required for non-ESL classes in science, mathematics, social studies and fine arts. The total international student educational experience at Missouri Military Academy includes both ESL and mainstream courses, participation in sports, activities, fine arts and social and cultural events. International cadets are fully integrated into the Corps of Cadets.

Mid-year or semester enrollment is possible and international students may enroll in January. Students develop their English language proficiency while being fully immersed in mainstream classes, sports, activities, music and social and cultural events.

Missouri Military Academy’s teachers are experienced in teaching international students, and the faculty members are sensitive to the students’ need to adapt to living away from family and studying abroad. The International Admissions staff assists students with visas, passports, and related issues as required.

It is anticipated that students who complete the spring semester will enroll in Missouri Military Academy for the upcoming school year. Also, students are eligible to enroll in Missouri Military Academy’s Summer Academy and take additional courses.

The Summer Academy gives students the opportunity to get ahead and prepare for life at Missouri Military Academy before the school year begins.

  • Students take English classes in the morning and early afternoon.
  • In the late afternoon and evenings, students participate in activities and athletics.
  • On the weekends, students travel around the state of Missouri on cultural trips to learn more about the United States and to have natural settings to practice their English.

English Proficiency Examination 

International students must submit scores from any one of the following: TOEFL iBT; SLEP; TOEFL, Junior; or IELTS as part of the admissions process.