Missouri Military Academy 360 Degree Education

What is MMA's 360° Education program?

MMA's 360° Education is a program of study that develops mind, body and spirit; supports a young man's need for independence and structure; and fosters individual achievement and team-oriented success. 

  • It's a school day that incorporates physics, art, private music lessons and business courses.
  • It's learning alongside other boys from around the world.
  • It's a learning experience that expands beyond the boundaries of the classroom and the campus.
  • It's an ever-innovative program that develops young men who possess well-rounded qualities that will allow them to be leaders among their peers in college and beyond.

Academic Excellence

As educators of boys since 1889, we know how to motivate young men to pursue their academic potential. Our academic setting and experienced, caring faculty inspires them to learn and prepares them for college.

Character Development

Our educational program reinforces time-proven standards of conduct, ethical behavior, integrity, spiritual values and service to others. A cadet Honor Code is upheld by students and teachers. 

Personal Motivation 

Positive competition, teamwork, and goal setting inspires cadets to strive for excellence as individuals and members of a group. Structured rewards reinforce positive behavior, while cadets learn to pursue standards and meet expectations. 

Physical Development

Through an integration of health and physical education, physical training, and athletic competition, cadets develop physical self-confidence, self-esteem and a general sense of well-being. Our athletic program's educational component teaches cadets to have a winning attitude and to "Pursue Victory With Honor."


Our distinct military structure prepares cadets for personal responsibility and provides increasing opportunities for leadership and developing improved responsible decision-making capacities.