A 360° Education.

Missouri Military Academy takes an active role in your son's whole life - not just his school life. MMA's 360° approach fosters academic excellence, physical development, personal motivation, leadership, and of course - character. Learn more about our 360-degree approach to education.

The secret to our success: structure + responsibility + love.

Structure brings order to every day. Responsibility develops personal accountability. And love creates self-confidence. A boy’s apathy surrenders to excitement, his complacency gives way to excellence and self-discipline becomes a habit.

Relational learning.

Because we’re a small, private school, our faculty and staff mentors share a personal as well as a professional relationship with each cadet, and with each other. Working together, faculty and staff will get a deep understanding of the many facets of your boy’s personality and intellect, learn how to motivate him academically and how to collectively best develop his unique gifts.

Resilience, self-discipline, perseverance and honor. These are the fundamental underpinnings of character —  the qualities in a man that enable him  to deal head-on with whatever life hands him. No public school, no parochial school, no prep school, no boarding school instills these traits like Missouri Military Academy.

Faculty who are there for him.

Our faculty are not just teachers. They are also parents and grandparents. They recognize just how special the boys who come here really are, and that most are a long way from home. It’s why they’re always open to talking with Mom and Dad about how their son is doing, and why they treat every boy entrusted to them as if he were their own.

Meet our Faculty

Academic Excellence

MMA offers STEAM-based learning in science, math and the arts. Qualifying cadets are also able to earn two years of transferable college credit through MMA’s Triumph program – created through an alliance with nearby William Woods University.  

4x4 Curriculum

Missouri Military Academy’s 4 x 4 block schedule immerses each boy in 4 courses per semester. This enables our cadets to fully learn 8 courses per year and gives them the time they require each day for at least one hour of quiet study and doing homework.

Academic Partners

A top military high school, Missouri Military Academy brings in strength from several regional academic partners to help us provide an educational experience that’s second to none.

The Davis H. Hart Career Center

The Hart Career Center offers career and technical programs to secondary students, which include entry level skills and training in technical and service job areas that are in demand in today's economy. Students receive high school credit for their career center classes, and many classes offer college credits, as well. 

Presser Arts Center

Presser Arts Center provides high quality performing arts productions, plus instruction in a variety of disciplines, including music, art, performance theater, film and instruments ranging from acoustic guitar to the piano. Through our partnership with Presser Arts Center, cadets have the opportunity to learn theatre techniques.

William Woods University

William Woods University (WWU) faculty come to our campus to teach cadets as part of our Triumph Program. Qualifying cadets can finish high school and earn their associate degree at the same time by taking courses through the Triumph Program. WWU is ranked as one of the top universities in the Midwest.

It’s incredibly rewarding to see each cadet’s face light up when he tells me that he’s been accepted to college.


Individualized college counsel. 100% college placement.

Throughout his career at MMA, your son will receive personal counsel through our college placement and counseling office, as our staff guides him towards school options that are best for him. With focused attention on our cadets and their hard work, 100 percent of our graduates have earned acceptance into college or university, year after year. 

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