Corps of Cadets Learning Outcomes

As cadets work toward graduation, they are expected to make progress and achieve proficiency in the following areas: 

  • Know and live by MMA standards of conduct and personal appearance 
  • Demonstrate self-control, self-direction, and personal accountability 
  • Adhere to the Honor Code, displaying ethical and moral behavior 
  • Become a productive and supportive team member and a patriotic citizen 
  • Become culturally aware, display respect and consideration for others, and embrace diversity 
  • Develop excellent time management skills, a positive work ethic, and an eye for attention to detail 
  • Demonstrate respect for authority, display military bearing and social etiquette 
  • Demonstrate positive character development and personal integrity 
  • Successfully live in a shared community environment and respect each other’s privacy and personal property 
  • Develop healthy lifestyle and habits 
  • Make the smart choices and avoid high risk behavior 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of MMA customs and traditions 
  • Become a positive leader and role model with an understanding of authority, responsibility, and accountability