Institutional Philosophy Statement

Missouri Military Academy Institutional Philosophy Statement

Statement on the Institutional Philosophy Supporting our Curriculum

Missouri Military Academy (MMA) is an all-male, non-profit, Christian-based, college preparatory military academy. MMA recognizes and supports all denominations and encourages cadets to learn about and support other cultures, religions, and traditions. Among all employees and cadets, MMA emphasizes diversity, inclusivity and fairness and is apolitical in and outside the classroom.

What we teach, how we teach, and our learning outcomes are reflected in and achieved through our military educational model emphasizing structure, discipline, personal responsibility, and accountability, supporting our 360° Education. MMA's 360° Education Program of Study develops the mind, body and spirit. Our holistic program supports our efforts to motivate our cadets and each young man's need for independence, self-confidence, individual achievement, team-oriented success, and building strong personal relationships. We teach cadets to take command of their lives and futures.

We are conservatively moderate, open and accepting to diverse ideas and encouraging debate and expression of one’s point of view. We encourage and expect civil discourse and respect for each individual. Our core values and motto, “Love, Honor, Truth,” drive our broad liberal arts curriculum supported by our program of studies.

Our high expectations for each cadet and emphasis on resilience, perseverance and never quitting are supported by specified learning outcomes within and outside the classroom. Our emphasis on critical thinking skills, rigor, and freedom of inquiry, with focus on guiding cadets how to think, not what to think, are the primary criteria for curriculum development and learning outcomes.

Our teaching and learning in the classroom is derived from our curriculum and corps' learning outcomes established for our cadets and outlined in the Cadet Handbook.

Richard V. Geraci
Brigadier General, USA (Ret)