Core Values


Academic Excellence. Providing a world-class education that prepares our cadets for college entrance and graduation from the nation’s finest four-year colleges and universities.

Duty. Performing one’s obligations, tasks, service or functions that emanates from their position or station in either life or a group.

Honor. To exercise and maintain fairness, integrity and honesty in one’s beliefs and actions.

Integrity. A firm devotion to moral and ethical principles and soundness of character in all our affairs.

Loyalty. To one’s family, friends, teammates, institution and nation.

Respect. To render appropriate deferential regard and esteem to family and friends, teammates and competitors, peers and leaders, institutions and one’s country.

Personal Courage. To choose the harder right over the easier wrong.

Selfless Service. Service to each other, our families, the Academy, community and nation.

Leadership. Simply put, one’s ability to influence others in a positive manner to accomplish an assigned task.  

Discipline + Scholarship + Leadership = Success

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