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Fall Sports Banquet Celebrates a Season of Perseverance


Cadets who received a Varsity Letter - Zeth Colin, Robert Abbott, Fabian Campos, Miguel De La Mora, Kai Yuan Pi, Griffin Henry, Arturo Leon, Victor Leon, Cesar Perera, Donald Williams, Khaliguun Enkhbayar, Kenny Kazoora, Luis Merino, Jorge Garcia, Gabriel Vallejo, Alberto Garza, Gabriel Velasco, Sergio Castelo, Francisco Fletes, HyunJae Kim.

MVP - Joao Souza
Best Goal - Joao Souza, for his bicycle kick vs Battle
Defensive Player of the Year - Cesar Perera
Best New Boy - Gabriel Velasco

Cadets Souza, Merino, and Williams were also named to the Missouri State High School Activities Association's 2017 All-District Soccer Team, Class 2


Cadets who received a Varsity Letter - Luis Garzon, Carlos Liriano, Matthew Thibodeaux, Barrington Stanford, Styles Fountain, Pedro Da Rocha, Vernon Leach, Sky Tunderchild Henio, Dawson Lane, Phasakorn Cunningham, Thomas Huckins, WrayVauze Givens, Copeland Grahmann, Edward Cha, Ashton Knipfer, Lucas Killion, Justin Meshell, Jaden Rogge, Alfredo Chavez, Franklin Pfeifer, Alexander Ebersole, Forrest Drummond, Ayden Garcia, Robert Reinke, Charles Norman, Peter Clinton, Dominic Knebel, Denver Jenkins, Evan Schreyer, Michael Machary-Pagan

Best Back - Forest Drummond
Best Lineman - Sky Spotted Eagle Thunderchild Henio
Most Outstanding Offensive Player - Pedro Da Rocha
Most Outstanding Defensive Player - Vernon Leach
Best New Boy - Tro Cunningham
Most Improved - WrayVauze Givens

Head Football Coach Mitchell Jenkins also handed out three special awards, all based on the team's motto of "Row the Boat."

"'The Oar,' the energy we need," he said. "The winners of this award brought positive energy each and every day."

Cadets Norman and Henio received "The Oar" award for 2017.

"'The Boat,' the sacrifice," Jenkins said. "What are you willing to give up for something you've never had? The winners of this award sacrificed for the team in some way."

Cadets Leach, Clinton, and Thibodeaux received "The Boat" award for 2017.

"'The Compass,' the direction we are headed," Jenkins said. "This award went to sophomores/juniors who showed future leadership ability and represent where we want to go as a program."

Cadets Hipp, Drummond, Givens, Henio, and Thibidoux received "The Compass" award for 2017.


Cadets who received their Varsity Letter - Rhys Bullington, Colton Lucas, Nolan Kilpatrick, Arturo Leon, Donald Williams.


Cadets who received their Varsity Letter - Ming Han Richard Choy, Christian Foster, Michael Naughton, Stamatis Pelekanos, Rhys Bullington, Gabriel Penha, Nolan Kilpatrick.

MVP - Christian Foster
Best Runner - Christian Foster
Most Improved - Ming Han Richard Choy
Best New Boy - Rhys Bullington