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Weekend Roundup for 10/6-10/8

New boys pass muster, earn their brass in hardest crucible yet

“The Crucible is intended to test a boy’s resiliency,” Commandant of Cadets Col. Grabowski said. “It is also a rite of passage. All cadets must pass the crucible in order to earn their coveted hat brass and black should boards. The boys are given no information as what to expect throughout the day however, they clearly know it will be physically and mentally challenging.”

The cadets undertaking the Crucible greeted the day before the sun did, reporting to Reveille at 0530. By 0600, cadets were on the track in their first event: a 1.5 mile run. Each boy was required to run or walk six laps around the track. At the end of each lap they had to perform 10 pushups.

“This event was the only event that was based on individual effort,” Grabowski said.

After 30 minutes, the Crucible-ers were loading busses and on route an unknown location. After being dropped off, cadets formed up into six Teams of 15 cadets. Each team was issued a lite morning meal (fruit, juice, granola bar, and water), a folding stretcher, and two 10 lbs. ammunition cans filled with dirt.

Beginning at 0730, teams step off at 20 minute intervals for a five mile hike. Each team had to finish together. At the three mile mark one boy was required to get on a stretcher while the rest of the team carried him to the finish point.

“This was done to metaphorically teach the boys that they leave no fellow cadet behind,” Grabowski said.

From 0900-1300, each team of cadets participated in numerous physical leadership challenge problems along the back campus trail system. The challenges involved team problem solving, paint ball challenges, and confidence course obstacles. Though they did not know it, the 1.5 mile team rope carry was the final event of the day.

Tired, sweaty, and proud cadets reported to the field house for what they thought was a 15 minute break before more events. Instead, cadets were informed they had passed the crucible, and that the Warrior Cookout was waiting for them.

Colonels Football hit their stride against Rockford

The Fighting Colonel football team was able to finally get in the win column Friday night. Hosting a “color rush”, the Colonel’s returned to their roots, wearing all maroon for the first time since 2014. The team jumped on the visitors early, and never slowed down, cruising to a 48-6 win.

“It was nice to get that first win,” Head Coach Mitchell Jenkins said. “It’s been a long time coming.”

Junior Matt Thibedoux had 7 carries for 61 yards and two touchdowns. Sophomore Forrest Drummond added three scores, two in the air (with 115 yards receiving) and one on the ground. Senior quarterback, Pedro De Rocha threw two touchdowns and ran another, totaling 200 plus yards of total offense.

The team plays at home this Friday vs Central home school for senior night.

Colonels Soccer makes short work of Mexico Tournament

"The boys did really well on Saturday at the Mexico Invitational Soccer Tournament and claimed first place," Head Coach Liam Collins said. "This was a well-deserved victory, they earned it."

While the opening game of the tournament was played in poor weather conditions against Mexico, the boys started very well with Jorge Garcia putting MMA on the scoresheet off a great assist from Kenny Kazoora. Joao Souza added another two goals to put a bit of breathing room between the teams. Francisco Fletes added two more goals to bring his season tally to five. Fabian Campos added a goal with a great strike from the edge of the area.

Joao Souza added two more in the second half, and Donald Williams scored off a fine solo effort to finish off the scoring and give MMA a well-deserved win.

The Colonels had a quick turn around and faced Chillicothe HS in the second game to claim first place.
Joao Souza opened the scoring early putting the Colonels on the scoresheet. Donald Williams scored another excellent solo goal to make it 2-0 and Joao Souza added another great goal to make it 3-0 at the half.

Chillicothe put some pressure on the Colonels and pulled a goal back to make it 3-1 but Fabian Campos rounded out the scoring with an excellent strike to make it 4-1 to the Colonels.

MMA now improve to 9-8 for the season.

Middle School soccer joins forces with SUSA to bring home silver medal
By Coach Kleinsorge

Five members of the Middle School Soccer Team joined forces with the Sedalia United Soccer Academy this weekend for a soccer tournament of regular 11-on-11 soccer in Columbia, MO. Our boys on the Sedalia team earned 2nd place in the tournament and brought home silver medals! The team played three games. The other three teams were from Columbia, MO; Lee Summit, MO; and East St. Louis, IL. The team members from MMA were Alejandro Rodriguez (8th); Fausto Salazar (8th); Felix Tonella (8th); Victor Vielledent (8th); & Michael Weaver (7th).

Our first game on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. was mainly played in the rain and it was the one game that we lost, 5 to 3, against the host team from Columbia. Our five boys arrived just in time to start the game, so they had no warm up time or get acquainted time with the members of this team that was made up from two other communities besides MMA. I dropped off the boys so they could quickly get their uniforms and start play, and before I even got the van parked and to the field for the game the opposing team had already scored two goals! Of the three goals that the Sedalia-MMA team made, Tonella and Vielledent each contributed a goal. It was unfortunate that we hadn’t had time to warm up and been more ready for play, because the outcome may have turned out differently in this wet game.

The sun came out for our second game and shone on the Sedalia-MMA MS boys as they pulled a win of 5 to 2 in this 1 p.m. Saturday game. Tonella earned two of the three goals in this game against the Lee Summit. All of our boys contributed to this win in assists and good defense.

The boys returned back to Columbia on Sunday for a 2:30 p.m. game against the East St. Louis team. This time it was the other team that got to the field late, so there was a 30 minute delay prior to getting started. Three of our boys from MMA had just finished the Crucible before participating in the game, so they were a bit worn out before play even got started. The final results of this game were a close one. Sedalia-MMA won 1 to 0!

The boys were excited to get to play in another soccer competition and to actually play ‘normal’ soccer, instead of the 5-on-5 soccer that they play in Boonville. Although it was a little more tiring to cover more ground and a little more challenging playing with others that they did not know well. Our boys did a good job and got along well as team members! The games and our boys were fun to watch and I am proud of their efforts!

Thanks goes out to Cpt. Bissmeyer for setting this tournament up and delivering the boys to the game on Sunday! Also, to Richard & Judy Twells for supporting our boys in the 2nd game of the Tournament!
The boys will return to Boonville this coming weekend for their last two 5-on-5 tournament games at 1 and 4 p.m. on Sunday the 15th! If they do as well in these last two games as they have all along, then they should be bringing home the 1st place tournament medals!